Today, I got bitten.

So, today, I was bitten.

No, I’m not in the deepest, darkest depths of the Bornean (is this a word?) Jungle nor the Australian  outback/ rural India.

In the queue for the checkout at Walgreens on Lincoln Road, Miami, I was fumbling through my already hefty accumulation of change like an unfamiliar tourist when I felt the need to run my cheekbone. In doing so,  a splodge of crimson had gathered on my right finger accompanied by, a now dead, arachnid! He was feasting on freshly arrived foreign blood!

Minor cheek swelling aside,  today has been super. It began with a trip to the IHOP, to those unacquainted,  that’s the international house of pancakes.

Anthony had mentioned this venue to me so I duly logged on to the hotel wifi this morning to locate the nearest heartattack branch; 62 blocks away (or as Google maps suggested: bloody miles away).

The 120 bus service, complete with lazy cyclists who were able to attach their bikes to the front of the bus as they really had no intention of pedalling, was able to take us to the door.


We needed to walk some of that off. The butter pecan maple syrup was incredible but I did feel like the ‘prime evolution’ man from the Fatboy Slim video here.

Having grabbed the metaphorical food Bull by the literal horns we decided to scale the whole of Miami beach back to the hotel.


The walk took plenty of time and was interrupted only to swim in the emerald bath. Apparently, a purple flag is to warn of ‘DANGEROUS MARINE LIFE’, but fortunately there was no need to urinate on any feet.

The Art Deco region was incredible; Like stepping back in time.



The allure of then being so close to the reason for the Lighthouse Family classic was so appealing that we had to venture and walk along.


I stood, Abbey Roadesque, smack bang in the middle of the road to take a shot of Ocean Drive. It had to be done!


Knowing that we were only stateside,  or more specifically, in Miami, for a couple more days meant that we had a hankering for some more American tucker.

We managed to find a great little jazzy speakeasy styled american cafe on ocean drive and had steak for dinner. A pretty good end to the first Olleyday. Even if my cheek is a little swollen from an over zealous blood thirsty spider.



6 thoughts on “Today, I got bitten.”

  1. Hiya hope you’re enjoying miami! Looks good so far, any particular reason you’re visiting Florida? I’m planning a trip with my uni girls after graduation next year to miami and America is unknown territory for me, so I was just wondering on expenses whilst your out there? Average food price? Etc

    1. Hi Emma, thanks for reading! In all honesty, there was no reason to stop in Miami other than our flight to Lima involved changing here, so we thought we would check it out!

      America is completely unknown to me too, but it has been a great couple of days. Cos prices are a little cheaper than at home in England and the portions, as popular television would have us believe, are considerable! For example, I had a simple spaghetti and meatballs yesterday and that was about 9 dollars, consisting this was on ocean drive, which seems like a popular place to be seen, was all in all, quite reasonable.

      The beach is incredible here. And there is plenty of it, although you will need to part with 20 dollars in order to enjoy a lounger or 15 for an umbrella!

      Beers are maybe a little cheaper than London prices with bottles of American lager ranging from 5to7 dollars and imported a little more.

      Definitely worth checking this place out though. However I’d probably get bored after aweek or so here. There is plenty of nightlife around too if you girls enjoy the late night lifestyle!

  2. Wow you guys have done so much and it’s only your first day. The pancakes had me craving a stack myself lol. Hope your bite is ok Paulos. So nice we cn keep up to date on your travels. Lots of love xxx

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