Official Beginnings

So, I’m officially trained as a teacher! Having spent the last 10 months working as hard as I ever have (some of you might not have heard me mention this before!) , it’s paid off and I was commended for a high standard of written work throughout the course! Perhaps more importantly, I qualify with a Grade 1 (Outstanding), which I’m mightily proud of! Who’d’ve thunk it?!

Just a disclaimer:

On account of the aforementioned, the grammar of this blog (and blogger) is likely to ‘relax’ over the coming weeks. Please, feel free to correct said blogger in a respectful and considerate manner noting that abovesaid blogger is unlikely to give ‘two hoots’ for the foreseeable future.

Now that I’m technically an unemployed sponger for a while, I’ve actually been assigned with starting to arrange the finer details of the travels.  These seem to be the less exciting aspects of the planning stages! I seem to have been (not so) blissfully unaware of how much research Michelle has been doing. Spending endless nights in front of PowerPoint devising rich and compelling teaching resources meant that Michelle was, aside from immeasurably improving her Geographical knowledge, planning a rough route around the globe. As the skeleton of our travel has been booked, by way of major flights, there is some vague direction of travel sketched and Michelle has pretty much done most of this.

This leaves me with arranging Visas. This is not easy. This beauty was unsurpassed in terms of usefulness and meant that the first 2-3 months of travel around South America and Australasia was going to be relatively straightforward in the visa domain.  Lovely.

However, reach South-East Asia, things become trickier.

Thailand, Visas required. Rang their consulate embassy thing this morning. I have to call back between 2:01 and 2:04 this afternoon in order to speak to someone about our Visa enquiries!

India is particularly difficult. The visa can be arranged online. Super. However, it’s valid for 6 months from the date of issue. Seeing as it would be issued more than 6 months before our entry, it is rendered redundant. I reckon we’d have to chance our arm at getting one from one of the various Indian embassies from the countries we go to while we’re away. We could have a special Embassy visiting day! How many visas can you acquire in 24 hours…


I’ve just had a really compelling email from the Vietnamese embassy in response to my inquiries regarding any special requirements for Visas. I explained that considering we are highly likely to be working/volunteering out there, was there a need for a different type of visa. “Member of staff” has informatively decided to personalise the response to my precise questions  by copy and pasting the entire website into the email response! The very page I read and decided to email, on account of the fact that my questions were quite specific and unanswered! I presume that this shan’t be an issue then…

What an exciting couple of days I have planned now! 😦 I’m bored of it already… In moderately more exciting areas, I need to get my backpack sorted, I’ve eyed up an Osprey beauty which I plan on acquiring in the near future. I figure that it’s going to be put through its paces on regular occurrences, so splashing a bit and getting something reliable is probably a good bet.

1 month before Olleydays commence…

Feel free to leave any tips regarding Visas for India/Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam in the comments!


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