Leg 1

Interesting Fact:

How much it cost me to travel from here to here for one year…


Is slightly less that it is going to cost me to travel here for a year…


To name drop and correctly spell the Def Jam hip hop artist – that’s ludicrous! Preposterous!

Fortunately, I’ve been reliably informed that there are places available on the Inca Trail for August and that permits are available! (Yes, you need a permit to climb this famous bit of earth) Hurrah! Hiking 8000ft into the sky, witnessing the old sun rear its trusty and anything but ugly head and cast its morning glory all over Machu Picchu is fast becoming a reality, albeit one that seems miles away!

Unfortunately,  the tour permits are only bookable with passports that are going to be used for travel, and, since I haven’t renewed mine (yes, I am that old!), then this exciting development might not actually be a development at all! Should’ve renewed it when renewing that ever so frequently used driver’s license this year! Resigned to defeat…

Fortunately, Michelle argued that this can’t have been the first time that someone had had potential passport problems (look at that! A triple alliterative phrase!) and that I should probably just google it. I did.

It turns out that you just needs to take 2 passports (active and old) when you travel! Game on! So it’s booked! Let the Andean Discovery commence!

However, this got me thinking about altitude. I’m probably going to have to do some form of exercise, and seeing as though I haven’t even broken into a sweat since the celebratory feasting of Jesus’ Birth, I should probably think about doing some, soon. Well, at some stage. Nearer the time,  just before we go…



5 thoughts on “Leg 1”

  1. Really hope you get to do the hike guys. Its such a breathtaking experience. Don’t worry too much about your fitness tho Paul as you can go at your own pace, its the altitude that will leave u puffing and panting more than the walking. Be sure to get some cocoa leaves or sweets as they help. Would love to do it all again but so stoked you guys are going for it

    1. Cheers William. I think you under estimate my fitness (or lack of) levels! I think we’re safe with getting on a tour, we’ve been told that we might get the Lares Trek instead, depending on permit arrangements?! Did you go on that? Or the Inca trail?

      1. Don’t remember what trek I did but we started with a little tour round Cuzco then I think we did start in a small village. It took 4 days to end up at Machu Pichu though and we camped along the way. I think a tour would be your best bet though, especially if you don’t speak much spanish plus its an even easier way to make friends. Honestly tho, before I went travelling I was clubbing/boozing and smoking on a weekly basis and I was one of the first on our tour to hid the Widows Pass which I believe is the highest point of the trek. Michelle will prob be dragging u up a bit but you’ll be fine buddy.

        Oh and if u do go to Cuzco, there was a restaurant there that served Guinea Pigs on the menu. Not the tastiest meat in the world but not a bad little feather in the cap lol

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