The Balancing Act


It’s official. The flights are booked, I know I need to get a rucksack between 50-70 litres and it must have an internal frame for support  and feature a multiple side entry system. The route is planned, albeit roughly and looks tasty:

this excites us, loads
this excites us, loads

It seems miles away at the moment, what with the behemoth of a teacher training course to grapple with, but I’m sure it’ll arrive soon enough. The hours and hours of work that the course demands means finding time to plan the trip’s finer details is left to Michelle. I squirreled away and managed to get 5 minutes to add the pins to the Olleydays planning and travelling pinboard, pure catharsis!

I promised myself I’d do a blog to document the lead up to and the journey itself, and, do something with it when we get back.

That’ll probably suffice for a first ‘PROPER’ post. I need my sleep to give me the strength to teach those 120 kids tomorrow…


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